Inner Consciousness Tindakan Nabi

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Muchammad Helmi Umam


The article is written to examine the deeds and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) within inner consciousness analysis of Husserl’s phenomenology. The article is formulated to explore the significance of phenomenology of religious study, Prophet’s deeds, his inner consciousness, and the inner consciousness analysis of Prophet’s deeds. This article is written using the phenomenological method, i.e., a comprehensive interpretation of the source of information or object’s phenomenon as long as it can be traced. Inner consciousness of the Prophet’s actions sees that his deeds in deciding important religious pronouncements were results of long-term memory based on divine and social argumentations, which have come into the Prophet’s consciousness as a human.


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Umam, Muchammad. “Inner Consciousness Tindakan Nabi”. Teosofi: Jurnal Tasawuf dan Pemikiran Islam 1, no. 1 (June 4, 2011): 1–17. Accessed April 20, 2024.